Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kechki Macher Tomato Jhol (Minnow Fish Curry)

  • Kechki mach (Minnow fish) - 500 gm
  • Boiled potato - 1
  • Tomato - 3
  • Chopped onion - 2 tablespoons
  • Chopped garlic - 1 teaspoon
  • Ground turmeric - 1 teaspoon
  • Chili powder - 2 teaspoons
  • Fried cumin powder - ½ teaspoon
  • Panchforon (a mixture of fennel, mustard, fenugreek, cumin and black cumin) - ½ cup
  • Sliced green chili - 4 to 5
  • Chopped coriander leaves - 2 tablespoons
  • Salt - as needed
  • Oil - 5 tablespo
  • Clean the fish carefully in water. Rinse and drain properly.
  • Heat a little bit of oil in a non-stick pan and add in the fish over low heat.
  • Once the water dries up, turn off the heat and keep the fish aside.
  • Peel the boiled potato and break it into smaller pieces.
  • Cut the tomato into small, thin pieces. Keep aside.
  • Heat oil in another pan and lightly fry the panchforon, onion and garlic.
  • Add the tomato, turmeric, chili powder and salt, and fry for another 2 minutes.
  • Stir in the potatoes with 2 cups of water.
  • Once the water stars boiling, add the fish, green chili and coriander leaves.
  • Keep over medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • If the gravy dries up too much, add a bit more water.
  • When the water starts boiling again, sprinkle the cumin powder on top and serve.

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  1. I love this kind of meal where you get the taste of tomato and fried fish at together and for a Bengali this is one of the favorite food which they love to have. Do you know how to season a non stick pan?