Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spicy Honey Chicken Kabab


1. 4 small skinless bonless chicken breast fillets, cut into cubes

2. 3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped

3. Konb of fresh ginger, roughly chopped, plus extra to serve

4. 1 orange,grated zest and juice

5. 3 spring onions,roughly chopped

6. 2 tbsp clear honey

7. 1 tbsp light soya souce

8. 2 tbsp oil

9. 20 buttom mushrooms

10. 20 cherry tomatoes

11. large red pepper, seeded and each cut into 10

12. Salt to taste


Grind the girlic,ginger ,orenge zest and spring onions to paste in a food processor. Add the honey, orange juice, soya souce and oil,then blend again. Pour the mixture over the cubed chicken and leave to maninate for atlest 1 hour, but preferably overnight. Toos in the mushrooms for the half an hour so they take on some of the flavour, too.

Thread the chicken, tomatoes, mashrooms and peppers 20 wodden skewers, then cook on a griddle pan for 7-8 mins each side or until the chicken is throughly cooked and golden brown. Turn the kebabs frequently and baste with the marinade from time to time until evenly cooked.Arrange on a platter, scatter with chopped spring onion and eat with your fingers.

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