Thursday, January 3, 2013

whole tilapia steamed fish


*1 fresh tilapia fish,with the head and tail (scales removed and insides cleaned)
*2tbs ginger sliced
*4tbs sunflower oil or canola oil
*1/4 cup scallions (cut into long thin strips)
*4tbs soy sauce mixed 1/2 ts sugar


*wash and pat dry the fish
*1/3 of the ginger in a plate then the fish on top and 1/3 in the fish cavity and 1/3 ginger on the top
*add enough water to the wok then bring to the boil in high heat.the water is boiling then the plate on a steam rack in the wok then steam covered for 10 to 12 minutes
*after the fish is cooked,pile on the scallions on the fish
*now heat up the oil,until it is so hot it's steaming,pour the hot oil on put on the fish
*pour the soy sauce sugar mixture on top and serve with steamed rice

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