Sunday, April 20, 2014

Baked Fish With Tomato And Onion


2 pounds boneless fish fillets or steaks
Salt and freshly ground pepper
Juice of 1 large lemon
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 pound onions, cut in half lengthwise and then sliced thinly across the grain
2 large garlic cloves, minced or puréed
1 28-ounce can chopped tomatoes with juice
1/8 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon sweet paprika
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon tomato paste dissolved in 1/4 cup water


 Pat the fish dry and season to taste with salt and pepper. Oil one or two baking dishes large enough to accommodate the fish in one layer. Lay the fish in the dish and pour on the lemon juice. Refrigerate for 30 to 60 minutes while you prepare the remaining ingredients.
 Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Heat the oil over medium heat in a large, heavy skillet and add the onions. Cook, stirring often, until they have softened and begun to color slightly, 8 to 10 minutes. Add a generous pinch of salt and the garlic and cook, stirring, until the garlic is fragrant, 30 seconds to a minute. Stir in the tomatoes, sugar, paprika, cinnamon, dissolved tomato paste, half the parsley and more salt and pepper to taste and bring to a simmer. Simmer uncovered, stirring often, until the sauce has cooked down a bit and is very fragrant, about 15 minutes. Remove from the heat and pour over the fish. 
 Place in the oven and bake until the fish is opaque and pulls apart easily with a fork, about 30 minutes. Baste the fish every 10 minutes if it is not submerged in the sauce. Serve hot, with rice.

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