Sunday, May 4, 2014

Moringa (sajna) Lentil (Dal) With Mix Vegetable



Raw Papaya– 200gm

Potato – 100 gm

Brinjal – 75gm

Moringa (Sajana) – 80 gm

Beans – 20 gm 

Raw banana – 65 gm

Pumpkin – 120 gm

Tomato -80 gm

Onion- 100 gm

Pigeon Pea -150 gm(lentil)

Mustard Seed- 2tsp

Cumin Seed- 4 tsp

Turmeric Powder – 2tsp

Bay Leaf-2 pc

Dry Chili – 3pc

Refined Oil – 3tbsp

 Salt to taste


Wash the vegetables thoroughly; cut them into medium size pieces, cut beans and drumstick into 2 inch long pieces. Cut thin slices of onion.

Soak the lentil in water for about 1 hr.

Fry 3 tsp cumin seed and 2 pc dry chili slightly, then make a fine powder out of it, keep aside.

Boil 6, 7 cups of water in a deep pan. Add the dal, turmeric powder(1tsp) and cook it. When half cooked add the vegetables to it. Add salt.

When the vegetables are half cooked add the tomato pieces. Cook it till everything is well cooked. Remove from flame and keep aside.

Heat oil in a deep pan. When hot add the mustard seed, cumin seed, bay leaf and dry chili. When splutter add the onion slices, fry it till turns golden brown.

Add the boiled lentil and vegetable mixture to it slowly. Cover it. Finally sprinkle the cumin chili powder  on it. Remove from flame Serve hot.


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