Sunday, May 18, 2014

Green Mango Juice


  • 1 med-large (abt 350 grams) Green mango, washed
  • Few ice cubes
  • Abt 2-1/2 cups cold water
    • 1 tsp roasted Cumin Powder
    • 2 tsp Black Salt
    • 2 green chili
    • 2 tbsp Sugar, to taste (see Tips)
    • Few Mint leaves to garnish (optional


Roast the mango. When cooled, peel the skin, mash the pulp.

Puree it into a smooth consistency.

Place generous amount of ice cubes in a serving jar.

 Now Add all ingredients.Add water and stir until combined.

Garnish with Mint and serve chilled.

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