Saturday, August 16, 2014

Simple Healty Tomato Soup


Tomatoes -3                                

Butter -1 tbsp                                      

Corn flour-1 tbsp                                

Onion- 1/2                                    

Mint leaves - 7 to 8                              

Cloves- 2                                 

Pepper pwd -1/2 tsp                             

Coriander leaves  little bit

Salt to taste


Chop tomatoes to small pieces.

Place chopped tomatoes in pan, along with butter.

Cook in medium heat until it becomes soft.

Add herbs, cloves, onion & cook for 10 mins in low heat.

Add water and corn flour, which has been thinned like paste.

Stir & cook until soup turns thick.

Add salt and  freshly gound pepper pwd, over hot soup.

Serve hot in bowl with chopped coriander leaves garnishing.

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