Thursday, September 12, 2013

Puja Special (Luchi And Potato,Pumpkin With Parwal Mix Vegetable)

luchi and potato


1.plan flour- 1 kg
2.Refined oil or ghee- 4 tbsp
3.Salt to taste
4.Warm water to knead the flour
5.Oil for deep fry


1 Knead the flour, with oil and salt with warm water. 
2. Make small balls of dough. 
3. Flatten these into circular shapes and roll out with a rolling pin. 
4. Deep fry one by one and serve piping hot with side dishes.


Parwal – 6
Cut the two ends of parwal and peel the skin at ½ inch while let the other part of peel intact ., This way it gets 3 marks along the body, now cut rounds of ½ inch .
 Pumpkin -10 -15 pieces cut into cubes, If using young Pumpkin let the skin remain as it will be bright green color indicating the skin is fresh and young, If you get little old one the skin will be dull brown in color indicating the pumpkin is old and its better to chop off the skin , this one will be more sweet in taste .
Potato - 2 medium size potato cut into cubes, If the skin is paper thin let the skin remain ,its more pleasurable to eat potato with skin as the skin is high in mineral content.

Tempering And Flavoring

1 tsp of panch phoron
2 tsp of fresh grated ginger
1 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of sugar
3 tbs of mustard oil
½ cup of water


Heat up pan and add oil, fry the parwal pieces first till slightly brown. Take out in a separate bowl.
Add more oil, temper it with panch phoron ,ginger , add potatoes and pumpkin , fry them at low .
Add salt , sugar , turmeric powder, red pepper powder and fry . Tip – whenever you prepare pumpkin always add sugar in the curries , it balances the flavor of curry .

Add the fried parwal , add ½ cup of water and then cover and cook for 10 mints .
Open the cover and with the help of spatula  slightly cut or press the potatoes and pumpkin to a uniform mushy texture.

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