Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shrimp Ridge Gourd Curry

shrimp curry


Jhinge 3-4 cut into long pieces (after peeling the green skin, you get soft fruit, cut approx 1 inch long piece)
1 tsp of salt

1 tsp of turmeric powder

1 ½ tsp of red pepper powder

2-3 tbs of mustard oil

Shrimp 1/2 kg

3/4 green chili

Cumin seed little bit

Bay leaf 2


1.Clean the fish, remove the head and tail, and slit the back of shrimp, take out the purple color vein and, de shell it, do the same with other shrimps.
2.Marinate the shrimp with turmeric powder and salt, fry them in hot mustard oil, till they change color to pink.
3.Temper the hot mustard oil with cumin seeds, add bay leaf  , now add Jhinge and fry for 5 mints  and now add salt, turmeric, red pepper powder, green chili and fry for another 2mints, jhinge coats well with the spices, it will take another 3-4 mints .
4.Now add Little bit of, water ( if need) and release the fried shrimp to it.
5.Cover and cook for 5 -7 mints at med .
6. Serve with rice .

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